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Cream cheese canapés with Yamaowasabi

Makes 30+ canapés


150g  Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese

30g    YAMAOWASABI'plain'

30+    Mini Cheese Crackers

5g     Fresh Chives

2cm round nozzle and piping bag


1. Break the frozen YAMAOWASABI into small pieces, mix with Philadelphia until they are smooth and        creamy

2. Cut chives into 5mm lengths

3. Lay a piece of cling film 40cm long and place the mixture (1) in the centre. Contain the mixture in the centre of the cling film, lightly wrap the mixture to make a small roll shape, make sure to leave plenty of room on both ends. Take one side of the cling film, twist and tie a knot tightly.

4. Twist the other end of the wrap. Insert the plastic tube into the decorating bag with a nozzle. Pull out the twisted end and cut off the exposed cling film with scissors.

5. Pipe the cheese mixture onto the crackers. Serve with the chives on top.