Kita no Yama Wasabi - Freshly grated with no added preservatives

 Our Yamaowasabi is a unique blend of natural Japanese horseradish grown in Hokkaido with a hint of hon wasabi (Wasabi Japonica) grown in Kyushu, vacuum packed and frozen immediately after being grated. This method ensures the best flavour and fragrance for a longer period. Our wasabi comes in a convenient aluminium zip bag to maintain freshness in the freezer. To prepare, break off a small piece as required and leave at room temperature to naturally thaw in a few minutes. 

Yamaowasabi Plain 

Yamaowasabi Soy sauce flavor

Yamaowasabi Miso flavor

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The environment of food supported by forest

 The solid earth of Hokkaido was cultivated by the sweat from severe labor and effort of our ancestors, and the forest and waste land were revived as a fertile land. As the result, the delicious foods could be harvested. The air temperature difference becomes 50°C~60°C between in midsummer and in midwinter. This climate produces the optimum environment for growing yama wasabi balanced with pungent taste and flavor.

Special Features of Kitano Yama Wasabi and Its Growing Area

 Kitano Yama Wasabi is grown in Hokkaido. Yama Wasabi is a type of horseradish. Compared with Japanese green wasabi, the pungent taste is more exhilarating. As it goes well with fish and meat, it enhances the flavors of beef stake and fish dishes. It can be mixed with sauces or used as an ingredient of a sauce by mixing it with vinegar,lemon juice, olive oil, butter, cream or mayonnaise. Mostly its roots and stalksare used, but its leaves can be mixed in a salad.


Main components and functions
●Allyl isothiocyanate
 pungent principle and prevention of blood clot
 strengthening detoxification function