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Yama-wasabi is a local specialty loved for long time in Hokkaido, Japan.

 Its spicy and exhilarating flavor like Wasabi goes well with fish and meat, enhancing the flavors of roast beef, beef steak and fish dishes. You can also find its excellent combination with Vinegar, butter, cream, mayonnaise, etc. as well as Miso and soy sauce. 


 We have made the freshly grated Yama-wasabi into frozen vacuum pack with our unique manufacturing method.

With saving the labor for grating, you can taste the freshly grated pungent spiciness of Yama-wasabi anytime you want. As a seasoning for meat and fish dishes, you can also enjoy various arrangements of recipes according to your preference.


The main components and action of Yama-wasabi

  • Allyl isothiocyanate:Pungent ingredients, Prevention of blood clots
  • Glucosinolate:Enhanced detoxification function

Recommended way to eat

 Seasoning for buckwheat noodles, Sashimi, roast beef, raw oysters, Tofu and good combination with Camembert cheese. Put it with butter and soy sauce on steaming hot rice.


January 2021, We won the Food Action Nippon Award 2020 sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.


Yamao’s Yama-wasabi was introduced on a TV program.
Dec 17, 2020

"Downtown DX" SWAY, Japanese musician, introduced Hokkaido "Kita no Yama-wasabi"

Sep25, 2020 

"Mr.Tokoro's TV show “You cannot learn them in the school! " Introducing "Kita no Yama-wasabi" that sold at the vending machine at the Obihiro Shinkin Bank in front of Memuro Station.

Our commitment to Grated Yama-wasabi

1. Yama-wasabi grown in Hokkaido


 Yamao’s Yama-wasabi is only from Hokkaido. The large temperature difference from summer to winter (50℃to 60℃) of Hokkaido grows its rich taste well balanced pungent, flavor and richness.

2. No additives


 Yamao's Yama-wasabi is additive-free. You can enjoy it with peace of mind while keeping the natural blessings of the northern land as it is.

3. Unique manufacturing method that does not lose flavor


 We carefully clean the raw Yama-wasabi and vacuum pack by our unique manufacturing method. Just take it out of the freezer and put the amount you like on the table as soon as you want to use it! Even if you open it once, if you freeze it immediately, you can enjoy the pungent taste of freshly ground it repeatedly.

 You can enjoy it at home for one year from the date of manufacture without losing flavor and aroma, If it is unopened and kept in freezer.