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About us

Company’s Outline
Yamao Co.,Ltd.
West 11-jo,6-chome, 1, Memuro-cho, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido 082-0041
Tel +81-155-62-3365, Fax +81-155-62-6337
Establishment of the company  14 October 1967
Capital Ten billion yen (¥10,000,000)
President Mamoru Itabashi
Our Own Bank Obihiro branch of Mizuho bank
Obihiro-Nishi branch of North Pacific Bank
Memuro branch of Hokkaido Bank
Memuro branch of Obihiro Credit Union


Business Outline
●Sawmilling Department
The processing and producing factory using thinned trees produced in Hokkaido
Land Area 1ha

Factory Area 1,173㎡
Employee 6 Males and 1 female
Customer Oji Forest & Products Co.,Ltd.

●Local Products Logistics Department
Factory Area 80.19㎡
Product Items Primary processing Kitano Yama Wasabi roots and leaves
Vacuum pack Grated raw Kitano Yama Wasabi
Production and sales of primary processing agricultural products
produced in Tokachi
Employee 1 regular employee and 4 irregular ones
Customer Nisshoku Co.,Ltd., Boeki-Bussan Shinkokai,
Yamachu Co.,Ltd., Matsukiya Co.,Ltd., and Tokachiya Co.,Ltd.